The stories

Cole & Ella go to Disneyland Paris

We cant thank you all enough for raising the funds to send us all to Disneyland Paris. We even found a massive Mcdonalds which pleased Cole no end! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us as it is quite costly but Karen and Lewis and the fundraising team made it possible. Karen & Lewis met us at the Eurostar and presented Cole and Ella with fantastic bags of goodies which entertained them both on the journey. We couldnt have done this with the help of Heroes Childrens Fund! Cheryl & Cole X

Poppy Visits Alton Towers

In early August, Heroes Children Fund, were pleased to be able to send 4 year old Poppy and her mum Michelle to Alton Towers for the weekend.

Poppy’s dad sadly died whilst serving in Iraq in 2008 when she was just 11 weeks old.
Michelle said “We have had a fantastic weekend, full of smiles and laughter.  Poppy’s never been to anything like this before so we were in the park from opening until closing, she loved every second.

“The next day she was wrinkly by the time she came out of the Splash Landings water park.  It was such good fun”

“Thank you so much, I cant express enough how grateful we are”

If you know of any children who have lost a parent and deserve a break away/gift/dayout then please contact us at


We have had a second story contributed by single mother Michelle…

I was given the details of Heroes Children Fund by someone e who I am in contact with who lost a loved one in the forces.

She had mentioned what support they had offered her son and that she would really recommend me contacting them for my daughter. I sent an email with my daughters details on and got a reply shortly after that.

My daughter was only 11 weeks when her Dad died in Iraq so although she did not know him she misses not having a Dad and does not understand why she doesn’t have him here with her especially when other children are talking about there’s.

At the time I contacted the charity she was getting very upset regarding her Dad as well as recently losing her Grandma,  I was really struggling to comfort her and get her mind on happy thoughts and not being so sad. It was heartbreaking to see as a parent.

Since I have been in touch with Heroes Children Fund it has brought a smile to my daughters face and made her able to enjoy life as a four year old should do, she does not seem to have her worries anymore.

I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for us. It is such an amazing charity and what they are doing for people is brilliant.

 I am so grateful and would recommend that anyone who needs there help to get in touch.




I was contacted by Lewis from Heroes Children Fund not long after my husbands death in Afghanistan in 2010. 

They have offered so much to my little boy allowing him to do things he can only dream of and I am truly grateful for their help and support. 

Losing a loved one in the forces has a massive impact on children and heroes children fund have eased the strain allowing us as a family to do things in normal circumstances we couldn’t do. 

I would recommend getting in touch with them and accepting the support offered. 

I was contacted via Twitter and it was simple and straightforward to give our details and confidential too. Lewis contacts us regularly keeping us up to date with everything available to us.



We are looking to create real stories, for this to happen we need nominations of children who deserve our help and support.

If you know of any children that deserve to have our help and support then please email us their Name and reason why they should be supported to